Using the Chat Queue and Assignment Management Pane

This left-hand pane represents all active chats and is divided into three sections: Assigned to Me, Inbound (Unassigned), and Assigned to Others.  A section will only appear if it contains a chat. A section with zero conversations in it will not display at all.


You’ll also see: 

  • A search bar that allows you to search:

    • Expanded sections

    • By Name

    • By last message (does not currently search previous messages in conversation)

  • A search filter allows you to filter chats by the office the user selected when requesting/launching the Live Chat.

    • Live Chat agents should only see offices they’ve been given permission to access.

Managing the Queue Workflow

  • Inbound (Unassigned)

  • All incoming Live Chat requests are queued up here - initially, all incoming messages will be “unassigned” with an “unknown student”.

  • You will also see messages labeled with an office -- your user was either automatically assigned this office because your Live Chat only supports one office, or your user selected this office when connecting with a Live Chat agent.

  • As incoming messages accumulate, Live Chat agents will see the number of messages increase: Inbound (Unassigned) (1); Inbound (Unassigned) (2); Inbound (Unassigned) (3); etc.

  • Click on the downward pointing arrow to expand the section to display all unassigned chats.

  • Click on a conversation to view that conversation in the middle Individual Chat Pane.

  • Assigned to Me

    • All active conversations assigned to you will be listed in this drop-down.

    • The student/end user will see a message that “You are now speaking with “<YOUR NAME>” once the conversation is assigned.  

    • FYI, before the Live Chat agent has an assigned conversation, the student/end user will be notified that there are other students/end users waiting in the Live Chat queue (if there are more students/end users waiting).

    • There is no "position" of students/end users in the Live Chat queue.  This is because Live Chat agents are able to select specific Live Chat conversations that are waiting/unassigned (i.e., the Live Chat conversations do not flow in first-in/first-out).

    • As such, the student/end users will not be notified of the amount of time that remains to wait OR whether they are 'next' up in the queue.

    • Currently, the message to students/end users does not update the number of other students/end users who are waiting.  For example, if there are 4 other students/end users waiting in the queue, the message to students/end users will remain at "4" until a Live Chat agent picks up the waiting conversation.  

  • Assigned to Others

    • All other live/active chats that have been assigned to other agents will display here.

    • You will only be able to see conversations for offices/departments that you have permission to see.