Using the Individual Chats Pane

Clicking on any conversation in the Chat Queue will open that conversation up on the Individual Chats Pane.

Assigning conversations to yourself

  • You can respond to the user, which will automatically assign the user to you and shift the conversation to your “Assigned to Me” category.


  • You can select your name from the “Assignee” drop down at the top of the middle pane and the conversation will also shift to your Assigned to Me category.

Labeling conversations

  • If an agent collects a user’s name, the “Speaking Field” can be updated with the student’s name - this will persist through other panes in Live Chat management and Live Chat Transcripts.

Conversing with the student

  • Click on the text field at the bottom of the Pane to type a response.

  • The text editor allows you to bold, italicize or hyperlink your text.

  • Attach an image or a file by clicking on the image or paperclip icon.

    • If items are attached, you will see a File Management section pop up beneath the text box to see what you’ve attached and remove if necessary.

Ending a conversation

  • End a conversation by clicking “End Conversation”.

    • User will be notified that the agent has left the conversation and they are again speaking with the bot.

    • Conversation will be moved to Transcripts

    • Only users with transcript access AND access to the office the chat was assigned, will be able to see the conversation in Transcripts.