Campaigns require a timeframe to be auto-archived. You can schedule a Campaign to be auto-archived 1 - 180 days after the Campaign has been launched. 

  • Archiving a Campaign is important in order to stop incoming messages from users, help streamline staff focus on most current Campaigns, as well as to manage actively provisioned phone numbers and messaging.
  • Ocelot recommends setting your Campaign to archive after 7 days, however, consideration should to be taken for the audience and content of the Campaign. 
  • Campaigns can be archived while there are still some messages "Pending" or "Scheduled" or "Still in Queue". While these messages will try to resend while the Campaign is active, in most cases, these messages may remain trying to resend indefinitely.
  • If a launched Campaign has some messages that are in "Pending" or "Scheduled" or "Still in Queue" status (meaning some messages on the campaign have not yet been delivered, but the Campaign is still trying to send those messages), it is reasonable to wait 24 hours and see if those initially-undelivered messages can re-try the send.  After 24 hours, it is recommended to manually archive the Campaign, as the undelivered messages will try to resend the Campaign message indefinitely.
  • Actions such as Opt-Out, and Preview are still available for contacts/messages while the Campaign is archived.