You can see the Delivery status of a Campaign message (Delivered, Pending, or Failed) and a Failed Reason, if applicable, on the Campaigns Contacts page. 

Click on Active Campaigns, and then the View button to the right of the Campaign:

Click on the Contacts tab:

From here you can review your contact list and the delivery status as shown below:

Overview of Campaign Contacts - Message Statuses


Contacts in a Campaign can have a green status of "Delivered" when the message has been successfully sent to the contact.

  • Actions such as Opt-Out and Preview are still available on these contacts.

Pending / Scheduled / Still in Queue

Contacts in a campaign can have a yellow status of "Pending", "Scheduled", or "Still in Queue" when the Campaign is attempting to resend the contact message, in this case, it did not deliver on the initial attempt.

  • The message will remain "Pending", "Scheduled", or "Still in Queue" while the message tries again to be delivered.
  • If the message is successfully sent on the next attempt, the message status will change to "Delivered".
  • If the message does not successfully send on the next attempt, it will continue attempts to deliver, but if not successful, the contact will be assigned a "Failed" status.  
    • Contacts in the Campaign may remain in the "Pending", "Scheduled", or "Still in Queue" status while the Campaign tries to resend the message to these contacts.  This is referred to as a 'soft bounce', and the Campaign will continue to try to resend indefinitely.  Schools are advised to manually close a Campaign if/when the school decides any remaining "Pending" contacts no longer need to receive the message.
    • Once the Campaign has all contact messages as "Delivered" or "Failed", the Campaign status will change to "Complete".
    • If the Campaign is archived before all messages are delivered, the message status will remain as-is.  That is if the message was "Pending", "Scheduled", or "Still in Queue" before the Campaign was archived, it will remain in the "Pending", "Scheduled", or "Still in Queue" status even after the Campaign is archived.
  • Actions such as Opt-Out and Preview are still available on these contacts.


Campaign messages can fail to deliver to contacts for a variety of reasons.  Below is a list of the error messages when a Campaign message fails to be sent. This icon will have a tooltip to indicate why the message failed to deliver.

Failed Reason

Failed Reason Definition

Blocked by Carrier/User

This message was filtered or blocked by the carrier

Blocked by Carrier/User

This number is blocked from receiving this message

International Number

Phone number contains unsupported country code

Invalid Number

Phone number is invalid

Invalid Number

This number is unknown and may no longer exist

Opted outThis number has opted out of a previous campaign.


There was an issue sending messages, please contact support


This message delivery failed for an unknown reason

Partial Failure

One or more segments associated with your multi-part inbound message was not received

Re-attempting Delivery

The message is queued and will be retried

Unreachable Number

This number is switched off or otherwise unavailable

Unreachable Number

This number was sent to a landline or unreachable carrier for this phone number type


Failed to create message


All other

  • Schools are advised to not try and resend any Campaign contacts whose failed reason is "Unreachable Number". These contacts will not successfully deliver if attempting to resend. 
  • Actions such as Opt-Out and Preview are still available on these contacts.