On the Who’s Online page, agents with administrative-level access can log out any individual Live Chat agents OR can log off the entire department with the click of a button. The ability to log off individuals is represented by the red lightning bolt symbol, to the right of each user’s name and next to the scroll bar. This symbol is dimmed out for users that are “away”, and becomes red and actionable only when users are online. 

Note: logging off a user logs them off for ALL offices they have access to.

Navigate to the Who's Online page:

If you'd like to log off a single Live Chat agent and they are currently active, click the red lightning bolt next to their name: 

If you'd like to log off an entire department, click the large red lightning bolt next to the department name. 

Per Office Setting

Users can control the availability on a per office basis. Agents can still be assigned globally “Available” or “Away”, forcing them to be online or offline for all offices they are associated with.

Agents can set themselves to “Away” within an individual office:

Using the global Live Chat status toggle within the user menu allows an agent to set themselves as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ for all offices they are in:

Live Chat administrators can set agents to “Away” for an individual office, as well as set all users in an office to “Away” for just that office.