What is TeamDynamix?

TeamDynamix is a SaaS based tool that specializes in project, portfolio, and IT services management. Schools often use this product to manage projects, portfolios, and services through a ticketing system.

How does the Ocelot - TeamDynamix Integration work?

Ocelot's TeamDynamix integration allows the chatbot to create an "I Don't Know" ("IDK")  ticket directly into TeamDynamix. 

When the Ocelot chatbot encounters a question it does not know the answer to, it can ask the student to fill out an IDK form. This form collects basic information about the student and their needs. Without integration, this form is emailed directly to the school and the appropriate party will reach back out to the student. 

With TeamDynamix integration, the IDK form is entered directly into a school's TeamDynamix system as a ticket that the school can assign.  The student's information is captured and associated with the student profile in TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix will match the ticket to the student record if the student record exists. This functionality occurs in TeamDynamix, and it verifies the student's identity through the email address they put in the form.  If no student record exists, a new record will be created.