Spider creation is the process of building a “spider” that the chatbot uses to crawl client webpages and provide search results if a knowledge base answer or video is not available in response to a user’s question. When Ocelot sets up a chatbot, we create a custom spider for the client to identify relevant webpages as they pertain to the chatbot libraries purchased.

When there isn't a direct match to a user question in our knowledge base, the AI runs an algorithm against the client's spidered website content.  It then runs each potential match against the AI model and returns the top match, or gives the user a few relevant options.


The crawler can be run at an interval chosen by the client to ensure website content pulled into the chatbot is current. Unless otherwise selected by a client, the spider runs every other week.

Users with Chatbot - Administrator permission levels are able to adjust spider settings. 

To select the frequency of the spider, visit Admin > Chatbot > Spiders: 

Changing the frequency of your spider can have impacts on the technology resources at your school so be sure to check with your institution's Information Technology team before changing this setting. Running spiders frequently will create an additional load on your school website and will cost bandwidth.