Ocelot utilized native speakers to translate thousands of higher education words and phrases to create translations for Spanish (Latin American), Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Ocelot’s proprietary language algorithms score 52 (Spanish), 54 (Simplified Chinese), and 50.4 (Vietnamese) on the BiLingual Evaluation Understudy (BLEU} evaluation rating. 

According to BLEU, scores of 50 - 60 mean that the translation is very high quality and fluent. 

Ocelot only pushes languages live once they score over 50. By comparison, automated translation services used by other chatbot providers (e.g. Google or Microsoft Translate) score in the 20s. 

By having a high BLEU score enables institutions to create deeper access and equity for students and families, regardless of which language they speak. 

We have trained our AI with terminology consistent with the US Department of Education’s vocabulary so that when it comes to important topics like paying for and attending college, students and families can be confident that the information they receive from our chatbots is accurate and accessible.  

Once initiated, the language translation is instantaneous and not a separate knowledge base to maintain. If you are interested in adding an additional language, please contact your Client Success Manager.