When hyperlinking text within a 1:1 Text or Campaign there are a couple of things to note.

  • It is recommended to use the raw URL within your message.

    URLs cannot be linked to text. This is a limitation of SMS texting, not the Ocelot platform. SMS technology is limited to sending just the raw URL. Even if you hyperlink text within a response, the link will be sent to the user as a raw URL.

  • URL links will be automatically hyperlinked when sent in a message and will allow the user to select the link from the message.

    In the preview, next to the message field, the text shown is the raw text of the message. URLs will be automatically hyperlinked in the following formats: www.example.com, and https://www.example.com.

    example.com will also automatically hyperlink, as long as there is not a period after .com. 

  • All extensions will automatically hyperlink, including .gov and .edu.

Best Practice: It recommended to avoid using link shorteners to ensure your messages are not blocked or filtered out as spam.