Best Practice

At the end of your shift as a Live Chat agent, it is best to set your status to "Away" 15-30 minutes prior to your shift ending so you can finish any Live Chat conversations that are assigned to you. Once your status is set to "Away", you will not be able to take new conversations and the option to engage with a Live Chat agent will not be offered if your status is set to "Away" and no other Live Chat agents are available for your department.

If an agent sets themself to "Away" mid-conversation

If a Live Chat agent has picked up a conversation and the  Live Chat agent sets their status to "Away" mid-conversation, the Live Chat participant will not be notified. The participant will be able to continue to engage in Live Chat with the agent until the Live Chat agent re-engages and clicks "End Conversation" or the student otherwise goes offline / ends the conversation on their end. "

If an agent sets themself to "Away" with an active conversation in the queue that has not been picked up

If a Live Chat participant is waiting in the Live Chat queue, and no agent has picked up that conversation and if the Live Chat agent sets themselves to "Away" (from "Available"), within about 5 minutes, the Live Chat participant will be notified that there is no longer a Live Chat agent available to connect.

The Live Chat participant will be able to "Keep Waiting" for another Live Chat agent to become available, "Leave a Message" to send information to the office the Live Chat participant was trying to connect with, or the Live Chat participant can select "Take me back to [chatbot name]" to return the Live Chat participant to engage with the chatbot.