It is very important to always Save Draft anytime you make edits to a Campaign! 

IMPORTANT:  If you edit or clone a previous Campaign and do not save your edits by clicking Save Draft prior to launching the Campaign, your Campaign will launch with the unedited or prior contacts from a cloned Campaign as well as out-of-date information. 

Anytime you make changes you must SAVE DRAFT before launching your Campaign.

Especially when:

  • cloning a prior Campaign
  • changing a Campaign from bot-backed to agent-backed (or vice versa)
  • editing the content/message
  • adding tags
  • changing IDK type
  • changing/editing the contact list 

If the Save Draft button is green, you have unsaved edits or changes to the Campaign, see below:


If the Save Draft button is grey, you are operating with the most up-to-date information for your Campaign and the SAVE DRAFT button will remain gray until your provision a phone number: 

Note: It is possible to launch a Campaign with unsaved data/changes, so be sure to click Save Draft anytime the button is green!