On the General Tab, you will have two options to launch your Campaign:

  • Immediately
  • In the Future

  • If you choose to launch the Campaign immediately, it will start to send out messages immediately after you click 'Launch'
  • If you choose to launch the Campaign in the future, you will be given the option to 'Schedule Launch' for the date and time the Campaign is sent. 

Keep in mind that it takes one second to send one simple 160-character message to a student, meaning a 1600-character message will take 10 seconds to send to one student. 

  • Each special character used in the message (i.e. @, &, $, etc.) has the potential to add additional seconds.
  • Therefore:
    • Sending a simple 160-character message to 1,000 students will take 15 minutes, meaning the contact who is last on your list will receive the text 15 minutes after you launch. 

    • A simple 320-character message (2 seconds/recipient) sent to 10,000 students will take 5 ½ hours. In other words, if you launch this type of campaign at 5:00 pm, the last recipient will receive the text at 10:30 pm.