The General Library is a collection of questions and responses created by Ocelot that has already been placed into your chatbot’s knowledge base and is ready to function out-of-the-box. Ocelot continually improves the General Library by adding or modifying content due to regulatory updates, industry trends, and client submissions.

General Library content is already partially customized with clients-specific terms and URLs, and can also be further customized by clients in the Client Admin. We recommend making sure that you have completed your variables before customizing any General Library content. Once customized, these questions will move from the General Library and can be found in the Custom Questions section of your Client Admin. While the responses for General Library questions are customizable, the wording of the questions themselves should not be altered in any way. 

Do not change or delete any office-clarifier variables when editing the responses of the following ten General Library questions. Office-clarifier variables trigger the chatbot to ask the user which office they are asking about before displaying the chosen office's information. Office-clarifier variables are identified by their use of curly brackets ( { ) and the prefix !{office}:  

  1. Am I going to receive an email or do I wait to be helped?
  2. Can I make an appointment to speak with a counselor?
  3. How can I contact you?
  4. What are the office hours?
  5. What is your email?
  6. What is your fax number?
  7. What is your mailing address?
  8. What is your phone number?
  9. Where are you located?
  10. Who do I contact for questions?

Editing or removing one of these variables from a response will impact the functionality of that response for all other offices using the chatbot. A best practice is to have someone with Administrative-level permissions use Content Locking functionality to lock these questions to prevent these variables from being changed or deleted.