Library and Categories Exposed for Client Use/Editing 

The libraries and categories that are assigned to each individual question in the knowledge base are now viewable and editable by Standard and Administrator level chatbot users so that clients can better understand and control how their content is organized.  

How to view libraries and categories:

1.     In the client admin, navigate to the side menu and click the "Chatbot" dropdown.

2.    Select "Knowledge base."

3.    Select either "General Library" "Custom Questions" or "Question Templates."

4.    Select any question and then select "Edit." This takes you to the Override Question page.

5.    On the Override Question page the Library and Category fields are now visible and both have a dropdown where additional libraries or categories can be added or removed.

6.    Select "Save" after changes have been made.

If a user has permissions to a library then they can add that library to a question, or if that library is associated with a question, then they can remove the library from the question. A user cannot add or remove libraries outside their permissions scope.

A user can select the “Other” library if no library matches the content. When "Other" is selected the question will then be moved to the moderation queue and reviewed by a team of AI Conversation Design specialists. 

Library and Category are both required fields.

If a General Library question has any library or combination of libraries, and a user creates an override of that question (either by editing the response or editing any other component of the question), a user’s access to view/edit that question is determined based on the libraries associated with the override. For example, if a General Library question is assigned to the Financial Aid and Registrar’s Libraries, that question is viewable/editable by Standard Chatbot users with access to both the Financial Aid and Registrar Libraries. If a user overrides that General Library question and changes the Libraries to only Financial Aid, then once that override is published, only Standard Chatbot users with the Financial Aid library can now view/edit.

Some questions may be associated with multiple libraries. If a user deletes a library, users with access to that library will no longer be able to view/edit the content. Use caution when deleting libraries from content so as not to remove access from other users in different departments/offices who made need access to the question.

If the question has “other” then library permissions are not enforced which means anyone can see that question and add another library within their permissions scope.