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Because clarifying questions and possible choices can be used across departments, they should be worded generally, so that they can be reused in multiple questions by multiple offices.

The clarifying questions library includes the following columns:

  • Title: Shows the title that you have given the clarifying question.

  • Question: Shows the clarifying question as presented to the chatbot user.

  • Possible Choices: Shows the different choices that will be presented to the chatbot user.

As an example, a clarifying question with the following:

  • Title: Student Type

  • Question: What type of student are you?

  • Possible Choices:

    • First-year undergraduate

    • Continuing undergraduate

    • Graduate

    • Non-credit

    • International

This clarifying question could be associated with multiple knowledge base questions, including “How do I apply for admission?” and “What is the financial aid deadline?” among others. 

You do not need to utilize all of the possible choices when associating a clarifying question with a question in the knowledge base. If you do not configure one or more possible choices, the chatbot will respond to users selecting those choices with the default response for that question.