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To maximize visibility and usage, we recommend embedding the chatbot launcher onto the web pages corresponding to the chatbot libraries you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased the Financial Aid and Admissions libraries, consider embedding the bot onto all of the web pages associated with those offices, and not just an office’s landing page. 

Embedding the chatbot on all of a contracted office’s web pages will ensure that users can launch the bot and ask questions from any of those pages, instead of requiring them to navigate back to a landing page to start a conversation. Requiring users to navigate away from the page they’re currently on requires additional clicks and may increase the risk of abandonment, especially if a user does not remember how to navigate to that page or does not remember the page at all. Embedding the chatbot on multiple pages also improves the user experience by enabling users to launch, minimize, and re-engage with the chatbot organically at any point throughout their exploration of that office’s site. 

Additionally, including guidance in your chatbot’s Welcome Message encouraging users to ask clear and concise questions, and what libraries/offices the bot can answer questions about, will also help them get the answers they need more quickly. Welcome Message and Launcher settings can be customized on the Look & Feel page in Client Admin. Ocelot recommends selecting the "Callout Bubble" style launch bubble to increase chatbot usage. 

To avoid user frustration, do not embed the chatbot launcher on web pages associated with departments outside of your contracted libraries, which the bot is not equipped to answer; for example, the bot should not be embedded housing web pages if you have not purchased the Housing library. 

Google Analytics

The chatbot analytics dashboard within Client Admin shows high-level statistics that provide an overview of your chatbot’s usage and highlights top topics and trends, including the top five pages on your website from which chatbot users open your chatbot within a filtered timeframe. Periodically monitoring this information provides insight into user behavior that can be used to modify embedding locations as needed. 

Additionally, Ocelot chatbots are pre-configured to work with Google Analytics, which allows clients to pull data from their sites and visualize that data through dynamic dashboards, including even more in-depth statistics around chatbot launches and locations.