Live Chat Agents will "timeout" or become “unavailable” after 60 minutes of inactivity in the Ocelot Live Chat Admin. You will see your toggle change from green to orange when you’ve automatically been moved to “unavailable.”

End users will “timeout” after 30 minutes of inactivity.

This amount of time is currently not customizable, but a related enhancement is on our roadmap.

Regarding the chat session itself, the chat will continue to exist even after the user has left the conversation. As a best practice, if the user has left the conversation, the agent should end the conversation to close it out. The user will always be able to come back and re-engage an active Live Chat agent.

  • In the case that a student leaves a Live Chat conversation/disconnects, the Live Chat agent is provided that message/information.  If the student/end-user is still able to return to the same Live Chat conversation (in the case that the Live Chat agent hasn't ended the conversation) the Live Chat agent would be notified if/when the student returns to the conversation.  This Live Chat conversation will be open/available for 5 hours.  Thereafter, the Live Chat conversation will be automatically closed.

  • In the case that the student/end-user or the Live Chat agent has activity on a Live Chat conversation, after 12 hours of non-activity, the Live Chat conversation will be automatically closed.