To start the LibAnswers integration, go to the "Integrations" menu and then the "Applications" menu in your client admin.  

If the LibAnswers button is "Contact Sales", please reach out to your Client Success Manager to discuss adding LibAnswers integration onto your contract. 

Once the sales process is complete, you will see an "Enable" button for the LibAnswers setup.

Once the application is enabled, it next is ready to "Configure".  

The setup and configuration of LibAnswers includes providing a handful of information to setup the connection.  To finish the integration setup, please add the following information.

  • Base URL - Enter the base, domain URL for the school's LibAnswers installation (e.g.,
  • Search Parameters - Enter any additional query string to append onto the search.  Please refer to your LibAnswers documentation for further details on setting up search parameters.  
  • ID - The ID from the school's LibAnswers account
  • Secret - The password / text secret from the school's LibAnswers account