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Ocelot products have the versatility to integrate into all of your social media platforms to connect with students. We enable our partners to promote video content utilizing your school’s existing social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Our short, informative video clips break down complex financial aid topics into easy-to-understand terms and effectively fit in with your social media strategy as well as augment your existing social media campaigns. 

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The following promotional ideas have been broken down into the following sections:

Financial Aid Content

JanuaryDon't forget to see if you are eligible for any Federal Tax Credits
How do I claim tuition on my Federal tax return?
1098-T Season is here! Learn how this form can help you with your taxes.What is the 1098-T?
Scholarship application season is here! Check out these tips on writing a great essay.
Tips for Writing a Great Scholarship Essay

Learn about your Financial Aid Offer!A Minute to Learn It - Financial Aid Offer
6 Good Things You Need to Know about Federal Work-Study

A Minute to Learn It - 6 Good Things You Need to Know about Federal Work-Study

MarchDo you know what an SAI is? Learn more about this key financial aid term. Understanding the Student Aid Index
What are federal grants?What is a Pell Grant?
Learn about year-round pell!Can I receive a Pell Grant if I go to school year-round?
Filing your taxes? Check out how to claim your school tuition.How do I claim tuition on my Federal tax return?
Are you graduating and have student loans? Here are 5 important things to know about repaying your student loans. A Minute to Learn It - Student Loan Repayment
Were you chosen for verification?How are students selected for Verification?
Have you recently graduated and have student loans? Check out your loan repayment options.What are my repayment options?
Have questions about Financial Aid? Visit our video portal to learn more!
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JulyLearn more about borrowing student loans.A Minute to Learn It - Borrowing Student Loans
Taking out a loan for the first time? Take a minute to learn about the MPN. How do I complete the Master Promissory Note for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans?
Completing the Federal Direct Student Loan Entrance Counseling! Check this video out for more information. Loan Entrance Counseling
AugustWhen will my Federal Student Aid (FSA) fund be disbursed?Receiving your Federal Student Aid (FSA) Funds
What will financial aid cover?Will financial aid pay for all of my expenses?
What will happen to my financial aid if I drop a course?
If I drop a course or withdraw, what will happen to my financial aid?
Observe National Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept 15 - Oct 15¿Cómo puedo pagar misestudios en la Universidad?
OctoberNow's the time to apply for financial aid for next year! File your FAFSA online now at studentaid.govWhat is the FAFSA?
Need help completing the FAFSA, Use this tutorial to walk through the steps and get familiarized. FAFSA: Getting Started
By using the Direct Data Transfer process, filing your FAFSA is much simpler. What is the Direct Data Transfer?
NovemberOur nation's veterans have done so much for us and we are thankful for the Post 9/11 GI Bill®. Learn more. Post-9/11 GI Bill ® - Eligibility
What is the MGIB?Montgomery GI Bill ® Active Duty (Chapter 30) Program
DecemberWith finals/grades...What does SAP stand for?
Learn about FERPA!Can the college give out my personal information to my family or friends?

Financial Wellness Content 

JanuaryToo much holiday spending? Get a copy of your credit report.How do I obtain and read my credit report?
FebruaryLearn 3 things about your credit score!A Minute to Learn It - Credit Scoring
MarchIf you have a low credit score, there are ways to improve it. 
What can I do to improve my credit score?
AprilThe stories of leaked credit card data and personal information are true. Find out what you can do to protect yourself from identity theft.What can I do to prevent identity theft?
MayRetirement may seem too far off in the future, but pre-planning is essential.What can I do now to prepare for my eventual retirement?
JuneLooking for ways to save your money while in school?A Minute to Learn It - Saving Money
July4 things you need to know about credit cards!A Minute to Learn It - Credit Cards
AugustTaking out loans for school? Find out how much you should borrow.How much should you borrow in comparison to your income?
SeptemberNeed money for the holidays or to take a trip during spring break?How to Save on Discretionary Expenses
OctoberLearn strategies to reduce credit card debt!Strategies for Reducing Credit Card Debt
NovemberWondering how much you will pay back on your student loans? Find out about interest.What is compound interest?
Protect yourself from identity thieves this holiday season. Learn more about Identity Theft. A Minute to Learn It - Identity Theft

Celebrating April - Financial Wellness Month

Don't be fooled by your budget!A Minute to Learn It - 5 Things You Need to Know about Budgeting
2How do you track your income?How to Track Your Income
How do you track your expenses?How to Track Your Expenses
Challenge yourself to create a budget!How to Build a Budget
5What if your expenses are more than your income?What if my Expenses Exceed my Income?
68 important steps to build financial health!A Minute to Learn It - Money Basics
7Bank or Credit Union?Using a Bank or Credit Union
8How does a checking account work?How does a checking account work?
9Get modern with virtual money management tips!Virtual Money Management
Where can you cash your paycheck?Where can I cash my paycheck?
11Protect yourself - Learn about types of insurance!What types of insurance should I have?
12What to know about Federal Income TaxesWhat do I need to know about Federal Income Taxes?
13It's never too early to plan for retirement!What can I do now to prepare for my eventual retirement?
144 steps to take control of your savings!A Minute to Learn It - Saving Money
15Save on your discretionary expensesHow to save on Discretionary Expenses
16Save on your flexible expensesHow to save on Flexible Expenses
17Save on your fixed expensesHow to save on Fixed Expenses
18What are your housing options?How to Research Housing Options
19Be intentional about saving!!Make Saving a Priority
20Protect yourself from identity theft!How can identity theft occur?
215 key points to know about deb & borrowing money!A Minute to Learn It - Debt and Borrowing Money
22What is debt?What is debt?
23What is a loan?What is a Loan?
24What is a cosigner?What is a Cosigner?
25Learn about Loan Types and Fees!Loan Types and Fees
26Interest rates vs. APRsWhat is the difference between an interest rate and an APR?
27Tips on Using a Credit Card!Tips on Using a Credit Card
28Learn about variable interest rates!Variable Interest Rates
29How much should you borrow based on your income?How much should you borrow in comparison to your income?
30How much should you borrow for school?How much money should I be willing to borrow for school?