Ocelot's integration with ServiceNow will include:

  1. Installing a plug-in and activating it
  2. Setting up a connection URL (e.g., https://www.schoolx.service-now.com/api/sn_km_api/knowledge/articles)

With these steps, both the school and Ocelot will need to coordinate.  Please submit a Support Ticket to start the integration process.

The Ocelot ServiceNow link query integration enhances response in Chatbot conversations with Query Links with search results from the client's ServiceNow to query for public documents. Returned links are hardcoded to point to the user's default, school-themed "Service Portal" with the URL path `/sp`.


Configuration of our ServiceNow integration is in Client Admin > Integrations > Applications. 
  • First, click 'Contact Sales' which alerts Ocelot of the interest to use ServiceNow integration.  
  • Thereafter, Ocelot will enable the ServiceNow integration.  
  • Next, Click 'Enable' (or Configure if already enabled) and paste the client's Service-Now base URL (ex. https:// . . . .).  Click the 'Save' button to complete the setup.