Ocelot Chatbot can integrate with your Student Information System (SIS) to provide personalized responses to student questions in the chatbot.  For example, if a student wants to know information about their financial aid offer or their admission status, they can get personalized responses from the chatbot.  

Example: Student asks an integrated question. 

Ocelot can integrate with Peoplesoft Campus Solutions, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, and Anthology Student. Other SIS integrations will be available in the future.

Personalized information can be provided to over 50% of the top 100 most frequently asked questions through an SIS integration.

Ocelot has set up over 45 web capabilities for common questions about Financial Aid, Admissions, Advising, Student Services, and more.  These web capabilities help schools quickly connect the SIS to the chatbot to help answer the most frequently asked questions.  There are options to add more questions and answers to this SIS integration. 

The SIS integration uses middleware or an API framework that communicates between the school's SIS and the Ocelot chatbot.  

  • There is an implementation process at each institution. The implementation will include tailoring the web capabilities to reflect the institution's specific processes and business rules.
  • Students authenticate with the campus SSO.
  • The pre-existing question web capabilities map data between the SIS and the Ocelot chatbot.
  • Built-in logic is used to cover different permutations of how a question can be asked and if additional information is needed. For example, when asking how much financial aid is awarded, the SIS integration will already know to ask for what academic year.

All information is encrypted in transit and at rest and all PII information is redacted before ever stored.

Watch this short Banner/Peoplesoft SIS Integrations demo for more information!