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Now that your chatbot is ready to answer student-specific questions, get the word out about the increased power of this resource that has 24/7 availability!

Update your bot's welcome message

  • Highlight the specific questions that are integrated into your student information system, as well as a link to the How to Effectively Use the Chatbot video for chatbot tips. 
    • Keep in mind that the bot may share a welcome message with other departments/offices that are utilizing the bot. You may want to use integrated office-specific questions on department/office-specific web pages.
  • Here is an example of a full welcome message that highlights common integrated questions. These questions can be updated based on the academic calendar cycle.

    To update the welcome message, review the Navigating the Admin: Look & Feel Page article. 

Create a landing page

  • Create a distinct landing page on your website that promotes your chatbot, how to use it, and any special features you want to highlight. Check out these examples for some inspiration: Boston College, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, and St. Petersburg College.  
  • Create a section that highlights the specific questions that are integrated into your student information system. 
  • Embed both the chatbot and the How to Effectively Use the Chatbot video on this page. 
  • When promoting your bot like the custom banner suggestion below, direct traffic to that landing page. 

Customizing a handout

  • Request a custom version of the Meet the Bot handout. There is no additional cost for this resource. 
    • Use this digital graphic in various venues that reach your student community. 
      • Post on your social media channels.
      • Display on your electronic signage system
      • Print copies for the office and on-campus bulletin boards
      • Insert into text campaigns and/or email blast it to your student community that also highlights the integrated questions.