After the Kick-Off call, you will be sent 2 GetSAP Custom Video Scripts. 

  1. How do I complete the Appeal form?

  2. What resources are available to help me be a successful student?

The video scripts will be sent to you as a Word document. When reviewing the scripts, use the Track Changes tool. Be sure to review the script for accuracy and that it reflects the tone that you want to present to your students. 

Once you have reviewed the scripts and made your suggested edits, you will send them back to Ocelot to review. They will review the script and determine if any additional edits need to be made. 

Once a script has been finalized, it will be sent to you one more time to make sure there are no edits. 

Note: If after the video(s) have been produced and there are significant edits that need to be made, you may be charged $500 for additional edits for each video. 

Once the videos have been finalized and reviewed by your office, they will be placed in your GetSAP counseling session(s) and your GetAnswers portal (if applicable).