There are 4 different reports that are updated in real-time and available for you 24/7 to get the latest session usage data available. 


All reports will allow you to filter by a date range and the session:

If you do not select a session, it will pull the report with all session data.

Session Report

This report will give you detailed information on individual user sessions. Once you run the report, please click on the "view details”  link in order to see all of the session details that are available.


This report will give you detailed information on aggregate session data. Use this report to see how your students are doing in each session. Evaluate your students' knowledge before and after their counseling session and see what type of improvement your students are experiencing. Additionally, take the time to evaluate how your students do on each and every question.

User Report

Need detailed information on a particular student and how they are using the counseling application? Use this report to search per student and receive detailed session information for that particular user. All the sessions started, completed, along with the dates of completion and the student's results. Need more info? Click on the view details link to see all data on the exact questions the student answered correctly and incorrectly!

Raw Data

Downloads a report of the full details of all attempts for a particular session. This will include all of the student's personal information, their aggregate totals, and individual responses to all questions.

Monthly Reports

Every month, Ocelot creates an interactive HTML report designed to provide you with a high level of information regarding your GetSAP service. These reports are emailed to those with admin access at the beginning of each month.

Your historical Monthly reports will be collected in this area for future reference.