Every month, Ocelot creates an interactive HTML report designed to provide you with a high level of information regarding your GetAnswers service.  

These reports are emailed to users with GetAnswers administrative access by the 5th of each month from noreply@ocelotbot.com with the subject line "Ocelot Data Summary (month-year)".

The report provides information:

  • Video views for the past 12 months (in graph or table format)
  • Popular videos for your school
  • Popular videos across all Ocelot schools
  • Usage by Device Type
  • Views by Day
  • Views by Hour
  • Top Viewing locations

All current and historical Monthly Reports can be accessed through the Ocelot GetAnswers Admin. 

On the navigation pane, select Monthly Reports.

The most recent monthly reports will show in the list to view and download.  

You can also filter for specific reports using a date range.