This section of the user guide is focused on getting started as a live chat agent. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

Editing your Profile

Select your initials in the top right-hand corner, and select Edit Profile.

On the Edit Profile page, update the following:

  • In the Live Chat Name field, enter your preferred name. If this field is not completed, your live chat display name will default to your first name.
Best Practice: Use your first name and the office you are associated with. (e.g., Mary - Admissions

  • In the Image field, upload a professional image of yourself or a stock image.
  • In the Time Zone field verify your account is associated with the correct time zone.
    • Pacific Time Zone - Los Angeles.
    • Mountain Time Zone - Denver.
    • Central Time Zone - Chicago.
    • Eastern Time Zone - New York.
  • Select Save. Then select Return to Product Admin.

Turn on Live Chat Notifications

Turning on the live chat notifications allow you to navigate to other tabs/screens and will be notified when you receive a new chat or if your away status has been turned off. 

For information on enabling your notifications, review the Enabling Notifications and Alerts article.

Setting up Canned Responses

A canned response allows you to save a response or greeting that you will use frequently.

For information on creating and using canned responses, review the Canned Responses article.

Turning your chat status to available

Select your initials icon. 

Select the Chat Status toggle to on.

An agent's status will show as active when the green light shows on your initials icon. 

Agents will automatically be set from Available to Away after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Managing live chat conversations

Live chat conversations will take place on the Active Conversations page.

For more information on managing active conversations, review the Engaging in Live Chat Conversations article.