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The Integration Service Provider tab is used to create and configure the connection between Ocelot and different software applications allowing information to be accessed or exchanged by those applications. The configuration will generate the needed API key and Secret key for authorization.

  1. To set up the Service Provider tab, on the navigation pane, under Integrations, select Service Provider
    1. Select the plus circle icon in the lower right-hand corner to add a service provider.

    2. There are six steps to access the API and secret key.

      1. Name - enter the name you want to title the service provider connection. 
      2. Base URL - This URL is created by the software you want to integrate with to connect to our API
        Note: Do not include a trailing slash at the end of the URL.
      3. Authentication Provider - if needed, select from the dropdown. The Authentication Providers will need to be set up on the Authentication Provider tab prior to creating the Service Provider.
      4. Type - Select the appropriate type of application. Select other if the specific name of integrated application is not available.
      5. Priority - Enter a numeric value, higher values will process at a higher priority.
      6. Select Save.

    3. Copy the API Key and Secret Key. They will not be available after you exit this screen.

    4. Select Finish.
    5. On the Service Provider tab, enable the Service Provider that you just configured by turning the toggle on.
    6. If you lose or otherwise do not have access to the API Key or Secret, new values can be generated by selecting generate new credentials.