Inquiry Form Slate Integration

Clients who have both the Slate integration enabled and Inquiry Form enabled will now have the data collected from the Inquiry Form automatically pushed and mapped to the appropriate fields/records in Slate to add to existing student/user profiles. The Inquiry Form must include email and phone number.  


Count contacts toward contact quotas for only those messages that were successfully delivered

Historically, a contact was considered any unique phone number to which a text was sent. A change was made to now only count a phone number as a contact if the text is successfully delivered to it via a campaign or a one-to-one text. So, for example, if a text is sent to a landline that number will no longer count toward the client's contact quota.

Live Chat

Live Chat Authentication

This feature allows customers to choose whether or not a live chat participant needs to log in using their SSO credentials prior to beginning a live chat conversation. This feature can be turned on per office. Some offices like IT or Registrar’s office may want to verify that a user is a student prior to engaging with the user. 

Additionally, offices can choose their own SSO provider. For example, if Human Resources has an SSO provider for applicants that’s different from the SSO provider for current students, they are able to configure this feature to point to the SSO provider for their office. 

Learn more details about this enhancement here in the Live Chat Authentication article.