Ocelot can now integrate with Slate, a platform designed to improve communication between the admission office, school counselors, and students during the college application process.  Using both Ocelot and Slate functionality, schools can broaden their SMS / texting platform and strengthen the recruiting, admissions, and outreach process.  

Schools can maintain their contacts and workflow in Slate, and once integrated to Ocelot, schools can utilize Ocelot's cross-campus, feature-rich texting functionality.  The communication between the school and the student during the admissions process can be strengthened by the use of Ocelot and Slate functionality. Here are some examples of how Slate can be used at your school: 

  • Sending text messages to groups of students to inquire about a partially-completed application for admission.  
  • Sending text messages to prospective students to remind them about an upcoming high school recruitment event.  
  • Sending text messages to current students to nudge them to complete the orientation forms before the start of school.  
  • Sending text messages 1:1 to individual students to connect/review specific tasks for each student's needs.  

The data and workflow functions will remain in Slate, while the SMS / texting functions will come from Ocelot.  Ocelot's texting platform is able to handle small and large texting campaigns alike. Another benefit is that the transcripts from texting goes back into Slate with the student's timeline.  

The Slate integration offers the following functionality enhancements to the Ocelot platform:

  • Allows a school to create a texting campaign contact list directly from a Slate Query
  • Automates the flow of the chatbot office contact form submissions into the student record in Slate
  • Automates the flow of inquiry form submissions into the student record in Slate
  • Automates the creation of new student records from inquiry form submissions
  • Automates the flow of inbound and outbound texting interactions into the student record in Slate