This guide will show you how to register an "Ocelot Interactions" Source Format in Ocelot.

A] Navigating

These steps begin at the home page of the product administrator.  The Admininistration-level roles (for Chatbot and Texting) will have the ability to enable and configure Slate integrations. The home page should look similar to this picture.

Press the menu button located in the upper-left corner.

This will bring up the Product Admin menu.

Click on the "Integrations" heading to expand it. Then click on the "Applications" item.  This will bring up the Applications page.

B] Registering in Ocelot Interactions Source Format

In the Applications page, find the Slate section.

If the button is "Enable", click it to start enabling the Slate integration.  This will revise the button to "Configure".  

Once the Slate integration is enabled, the next step is to press the "Configure" button.

This will bring up the Slate integration page in the General page.

When your analytics needs include Slate ping, toggle the "Slate Ping" setting to "On".  Press the "Save" button.  This will store the general configuration in Ocelot.  Next click on the "Interaction Push" tab heading.

Depending on your desired workflows, toggle the "Interaction SMS" to push the SMS related interactions and "Interaction Chatbot" to push the chatbot related interactions.  Press the "Save" button.  This will store the interaction push toggle settings in Ocelot.