This guide will show how to install the Source Format in Slate in a manner that can be utilized in Ocelot's direct integration.  The Source Format is an important part of the interaction export from Ocelot to Slate.

Create a Service Account

  1. On the Source Formats page, select New Source Format.

  2. On the General tab, update the fields based on the screenshot below:
  3. On the Format Definition tab, enter the following XML code: 
    <layout type="json" node="/interaction">
      <f s="slateId" id="SlateId" />
      <f s="interactionCode" id="Interaction Code" />
      <f s="interactionSubject" id="Interaction Subject" />
      <f s="interactionBody" id="Interaction Body" />
      <f s="interactionDate" id="Interaction Date" />

  4. On the Import Automation tab, select Save.

  5. On the Active Users page, select New User.
  6. Enter the following values to create a new service user.  
  7. Use your prescribed security procedures, if needed, for the email associated with the service account.
  8. Select Save.

Define the Activity & Interaction Codes

  1. On the Navigation Bar, under the Database menu, select Database.
  2. On the Database page, under the Records section, select the Activity & Interaction Codes link.
  3. On the Activity & Interactions Codes page, select Insert.
  4. On the Insert Record in Activity & Interaction Codes dialog box, enter the values below based on the integration you want to set up. 
    • Chatbot Interaction Values
    • Live Chat Interaction Values
    • SMS Message Interaction Values
    • Ocelot Inquiry Form Values
      Chatbot Interaction Values - Populate the fields with the values for the Chatbot Interaction code.
      Live Chat Interaction Values - Populate the fields with the values for the "Live Chat" interaction type.
      SMS Message Interaction Values - Populate the fields with the values for the "SMS Message" interaction type.
      Ocelot Inquiry Form Values - For the Ocelot Inquiry Form/Slate integration, populate the fields with the values for the "Inquiry Contact Form" interaction type.

      LabelInquiry Contact Form
      Show in ReaderYes

  5. Select Save after you set up each interaction code.
  6. Once the Interaction Codes have been created, the Activity & Interaction Codes page will show the created interaction codes.

Configure the Contact Source Format

The Ocelot Interactions Source Format needs to be configured so that it can be utilized in the integration with Ocelot. Configuring requires editing settings on a few different administrative pages.

  1. On the Navigation bar, under the Database menu, select Database.
  2. On the Database page, under the Import section, select Source Formats.
  3. On the Source Formats page, select the Ocelot Interactions and/or Inquiry Form Contact source format.  It will have the format "JSON", a count of zero, and status of "Awaiting Activation". 
  4. On the Source Format page, select either Ocelot Interactions or Inquiry Form Contact. Both will need to be configured separately.
  5. To verify the field mapping, on the right-hand side of the Inquiry Form Contact source format page, on the Edit dropdown, select Remap.

    1. On the Remap page, for the inquiry Form Contact, verify the following fields:
      Source FieldRecord: Destinations
      Slate Externa ID
      Record: Slate External ID
      First NameRecord: First Name
      Last NameRecord: Last Name
      EmailRecord: Email
      PhoneRecord: Phone
      BirthdateRecord: Birthdate
      Interaction CodeInteraction: Code

    2. For the Ocelot Interactions Contact, verify the following fields

  6. On the right-hand side select the Value Mappings link.
  7. On the Value Mapping page, select the row where "Source Field" is Interaction Code.  
  8. On the Interaction Code > Interaction: Code page, verify that the value mappings for Chatbot Interactions and/or Inquiry Contact Form show.
    1. Ocelot Interactions
    2. Inquiry Form Contact
  9. Select the Cancel button.  This returns you to the Value Mappings page without making any changes.

Review Remap Setting

  1. Under the Stage section for both the Ocelot Interactions and the Inquiry Form Contact, select the Review link. Verify that the Pre-Flight Check has no errors.

Activate Remap Settings

  1. To activate the remapping, on the Source Format page, from the Edit dropdown, select Edit.
  2. On the General tab, change the Remap Active field to Active.
  3. Select Save.

Capture Web Service Post URL

  1. On the Source Format page, select either the Ocelot Interactions or Inquiry Form Contact page (You may need to configure both), In the Web Services field, select View.

  2. On the Standard tab, copy the full URL and store it in a safe location. The full URL will be used when registering the source format in Ocelot. 

  3. Select Close.

Continue on to Step 4 - Set up Ocelot/Slate Integration: Registering Slate Web Service for information on how to register the Slate Web Service (including the Source Format Query) within the Ocelot Admin Portal.