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This section of the user guide is focused on FAQs related to setting up a reusable phone number. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

How many provisioned phone numbers do I have for Texting?

The number of unique contacts targeted and total provisioned numbers can be tracked in the client admin on the Contract Limits page, under the Quotas & Account section.

Only Administrator users have access to this page. 

The number of provisioned numbers by Campus/Office is determined by the Campus/Office associated with the creation of a campaign or reusable phone number.

Is there a way to use the same phone number in all my campaigns?

Yes, you can use a reusable number. 

To set up a reusable number, review the Reusable Numbers article. 

Do I have to have an active campaign to receive unsolicited messages?

No, you can use the reusable number for unsolicited texts. It does not need to be associated with an active campaign.

Can a student still text me back on a reusable phone number after I archive a Campaign?

Yes, the type of response the student will receive depends on the reusable phone number's unsolicited email settings. 

The response type settings will determine if the student will receive a bot-backed response or if the response will be sent to the associated inbox listed.

Can another school use the same provisioned number?

Single-use phone numbers can be used in one campaign by the school that provisioned the number. When the campaign is archived, the single-use phone number may no longer be available for re-use. The single-use phone number will be put back into circulation by Twilio after a designated waiting period.

Reusable phone numbers are only associated with your school and can be immediately reused in another campaign by your school.