Making Yourself Available

Upon logging in, users are offline by default and therefore not available to chat. 

The small bubble on your avatar/initials in the top right-hand corner of the screen shows your availability. 

The bubble will be orange when you are not available.

  1. Click on your avatar/initials in order to change your availability. The first option displayed is “Chat Status”.

  1. Click the toggle to adjust yourself from “Away” to “Available”, and vice versa.  Unless you select specific offices, this is a global setting (for all offices).

You’ll notice that a small bubble on your avatar has changed from orange for your “Away” status to green to signify your “Available” status.

Per Office Setting

Users can control the availability on a per-office basis. Agents can still be assigned globally “Available” or “Away”, forcing them to be online or offline for all offices they are associated with.

An Agent can select to set themselves to “Available” within an individual office instead of site-wide:

Similarly, agents can set themselves to “Away” within an individual office:

Using the global Live Chat status toggle within the user menu allows an agent to set themselves as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ for all offices they are associated with:

Note: Live Chat administrators can set individual agents to “Away” for an office, as well as set all agents as "Away" for an office.



Agents will automatically be set from “Available” to “Away” after 60 minutes of inactivity.

NOTE: It is recommended to only have one Ocelot Admin browser/tab open at a time. When finished with your Live Chat conversations, set your status to "Away" or log out. If you set your status to "Away" or log out, this action will be synced with any concurrently open tabs.

If you closed out the browser or tab without logging out or changing your status to "inactive", and have another tab open, your status will remain "Active" until it times out for inactivity.