Universal Chatbot Analytics Enhancements (NEW)

Additional enhancements have been made for all Chatbot users in all bots. The Chatbot analytics page now provides not only the total/aggregate of all selected filters but also provides unique visuals in the charts and graphs for each selected filter to increase transparency and reduce the time required for comparisons. 

Updated Client Admin Landing Page (NEW)

The admin landing page has been updated to provide information and links that are available to everyone accessing the page. Live Chat and Campaign clients are presented with information and links to Ocelot Support, Webinars, and Blog. Chatbot-only clients are presented with information and links to System Status, Webinars, and Blog.

Live Chat Fixes and Improvements

The release includes a fix for the reported disconnects of live chat operators resulting in their status being set to away and inability to reconnect to the chat. When live chat operators experience a short-term loss of network connectivity, they will now be successfully reconnected to the chat and their status will be reset to available.