This section of the user guide is focused on live chat transcripts. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

What are Transcripts?

Transcripts allow you to review each conversation that happens within live chat. You can review the transcripts to look for trends in topics.

Who has access to Live Chat Transcripts?

Live Chat Transcripts are available to individuals with the following permissions: 

For more information on user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article.

How do I view Live Chat Transcripts?

  • Under the Live Chat section, select Transcripts.


  • The Transcripts dashboard allows you to view all live chat conversations (based on your permissions). Transcripts are arranged chronologically, with the most recent conversations at the top of the list.
    • The opening line, start time, last interaction, and the # of interactions are listed as sortable fields.
  • To the right of the transcript, you are given the option to mark a conversation as “Read” or “Unread”. Read will show a checkmark within the circle. This will mark the transcript as read in your admin, not for all users.


  • You can enter keywords into the Search bar, change the date range, or both to adjust results. 
  • Select the Funnel icon to filter by Office, Agent, and Read Status