This section of the user guide is focused on enabling notifications and alerts. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

Enabling audio notifications

Select the Notification Settings tab.

There are three notification options:

  1. Incoming live chat notifications - Notifies the agent when there is a new live chat message.
  2. Live chat "Away" notifications - Notifies the agent when their chat status has changed to "Away".
  3. Inbox message notifications - Notifies the agent when there is a new message in their inbox.

Once a sound is chosen, you will be given the option to choose when the sound is activated:

  • When your tab is not focused
    • You will receive a sound notification even if you are focused on a different internet browser tab/window.
  • When the conversation is not focused
    • In order to receive a sound notification you must be focused on the admin tab, but you do not need to be focused on the applicable conversation where the new chat arrives.
  • Every time
    • You will receive a sound notification for every new chat, regardless of where you are focused on your screen.

Enabling desktop notifications

Here are the instructions to enable notifications for Microsoft Windows and Mac.

As long as sound notifications are also enabled through your web browser, you should receive sound alerts when a new live chat comes in. 

Enabling internet browser notifications

Open your browser's preferences or settings and follow the steps to adjust notifications accordingly.

Here are the instructions for the top three internet browsers:

Note: In the case that notifications are no longer working, it can help to clear your browsing history/cache and reboot. Sometimes the browser settings need to be refreshed to work properly.