Inboxes is a workflow management tool that eliminates the need to jump between separate active Campaigns in order to manage and respond to incoming text messages and facilitates both personal and collaborative management of Campaigns.

All Campaign permissions levels will get a personal inbox and access to the inbox(es) for the offices associated with their individual Campaign “Product Access” permissions. Inboxes can be “subscribed” to receive messages for specific Campaigns so that all “Needs Attention” incoming messages are routed to those specific inboxes.

The “Inbox” will be listed as a top-level menu item for any client user with appropriate permissions with access:

There are two types of conversations: 

  • Campaign-Only will show only the conversation associated with a Campaign. 
  • Unsolicited/1:1 Texting conversations are associated with a reusable phone number. All conversation history associated with that reusable phone number (1:1 Text/Unsolicited Messages/Campaigns) will be included in the conversation.

The Inbox page will load as detailed below with the following major components:

  • “Needs Attention” Tab

    • All logic that escalates a message to “Needs Attention” in the traditional Activity Panel of an Active Campaign applies here as well. If it was escalated to Needs Attention before, it will be escalated to “Needs Attention” in the inboxes that are subscribed to that Campaign.

      • Messages for all Agent backed Campaigns/Conversations or reusable numbers with default behavior set to “Agent”

      • IDK Messages for Campaigns where IDK behavior is set to “Agent”

    • Messages that are manually toggled to “Needs Attention” will also show up here

  • “Participating” Tab

    • Once you have actively participated in a conversation, but it no longer “Needs Attention,” that conversation will shift to your “Participating” Tab

    • Messages will move back to “Needs Attention” following the same initial logic as applicable

  • Search Bar & Filter

    • Search for messages

    • Filter messages based on

      • Campaign Type (or reusable number default setting): Agent/Bot

      • Tag

  • Inbox Dropdown filter

    • Filter messages based on what Inbox the message was delivered to

      • Personal

      • Office

      • Users will only see their own Personal Inbox plus any offices assigned to them

  • Campaigns Dropdown filter

    • Filter by specific/individual Campaign

  • Messages/Conversation List Panel

    • Messages will queue up here with the name of the message recipient (e.g. the student name), the most recent message, and timestamp the most recent message was received

    • The most recent will float to the top

    • Unread messages are bolded

  • Active Conversation Panel

    • Messages selected from the List Panel will display in full in the Conversation Panel

    • Mimics functionality now in the Activity Panel and Conversation Panel in existing Active Campaigns

    • Functionality for Bot/Agent Operated, Need Attention toggles carried over here

    • Opt-Out button/shortcut is also included here

      • Opt-Ins must be managed for the individual contact – cannot be opted back in from this view

      • Intentional decision to avoid hasty opt-ins. Must be a deliberate action

    • An icon is displayed in the inbox (both in the preview panel and the conversation) to indicate if the interaction/message was associated with a Campaign or a 1:1 text.

      •  The tooltip for a 1:1 interaction is “1:1 Text”. The tooltip for a Campaign interaction is “[Name of Campaign] Campaign”. 

      • The icon that displays in the preview panel (left pane) is based on the most recent interaction.

  • Manage Subscriptions Button

    • You can control the Inboxes subscribed to a Campaign either from the Campaign itself or from the Inbox with the “Manage Subscriptions” feature.

      • You can subscribe to a Campaign from the Inbox or from within a Campaign when a Campaign is in a draft or scheduled status

    • Clicking the button in the top right-hand corner of the inbox opens a modal

    • Currently subscribed Campaigns float to the top

    • Select any additional Campaigns by checking the box in the left-hand column

    • Use the search bar to search for specific Campaigns

    • Use the filter to filter by:

      • Office

      • Status (draft/scheduled/active)

    • View who else is currently subscribed to that Campaign to ensure appropriate management of important Campaigns

Inbox Notification Settings:

  • Manage Inbox Notification settings to control how you are notified when new messages appear in your “Needs Attention” Tab.

    • Notifications are only for Inbox messages.

  • Collaborate more effectively in Campaigns that have more than one person or office subscribed to it with notifications showing when another agent is typing a response

    • A graphic showing that a specific agent is typing (displays the agent name) now displays in the Conversation Panel when another agent is typing a message so that agents don’t type/send a message when another response is already in progress

    • This applies both to inboxes and the original Activity Panel of the Active Campaign.