(NEW) Inboxes 

Users now have a consolidated area in the admin to manage incoming messages from Campaigns important to them. Inboxes is a workflow management tool that eliminates the need to jump between separate active Campaigns in order to manage and respond to incoming text messages and facilitates both personal and collaborative management of Campaigns.

All Campaign permissions levels will get a personal inbox and access to the inbox(es) for the offices associated with their individual Campaign “Product Access” permissions. Inboxes can be “subscribed” to receive messages for specific campaigns so that all “Needs Attention” incoming messages are routed to those specific inboxes.

(NEW) Reusable Numbers

Reuse Numbers offers the option to Provision a phone number and retain that number for reuse in future campaigns over time and also to use that number independently from a campaign to route unsolicited messages from students to an inbox. This delivers the functionality to have a permanent, static number they can publish as a contact resource (just like an email address or a call center phone number) for their students to reach out to. By reusing a phone number, it enables an office to build a rapport with their students via Campaigns which in turn results in higher response rates.

The “behavior” associated with a Reuse Number (agent backed vs. bot backed) will be defined at the time the Reuse Number is set up. When a Reuse Number is actively in use in a Campaign, the behavior will default to the settings associated with that Campaign until that Campaign is ended/archived.