The Active area contains all Campaigns that have been recently sent and are currently active, therefore open to receiving responses.

Once you’ve found the existing Campaign of your choice (if needed, use keywords in Search that relate to the Campaign’s title and/or tags), you can either view the Campaignclone the Campaign, or stop and archive the Campaign.

View the Campaign

View the Campaign in order to see the:

  • ACTIVITY tab: Conversational transcripts

  • The "Search" function on the ACTIVITY tab allows you to find users (search by first name, last name). 

  • The DOES NOT NEED ATTENTION button ensures that the Needs Attention notification is removed from this conversation if you choose to not respond.

  • The SWITCH MODE button switches the conversation from a bot-backed conversation (where the Chatbot responds to the contact’s texts) to an agent-backed conversation, or vice-versa.

  • GENERAL tab: Content of the Campaign

  • ADVANCED tab: Campaign’s type and IDK type

  • Campaign Type: Agent-backed (needs to be responded to by an agent) or Bot-backed (will be responded to by the Chatbot)

  • IDK (I Don't Know) Type: Custom response (will be sent the custom message created when the campaign was set up) or Agent (agents will be notified to respond to IDKs)

  • High-level analytical summary (Analytics tab):

Clone the Campaign

Use the drop-down arrow to clone the Campaign.

  • Give the cloned Campaign a unique title:

  • Visit the Active tab to view the cloned Campaign:

  • Click on View Campaign and follow the Create Campaign From Previous directions to customize further as needed and launch that Campaign.

Stop and Archive

If you choose to stop and archive an active Campaign:

  • The Campaign will move into the Archived area.

  • Campaigns that used a Reusable Phone Number:

    • Messages from the archived Campaign in “Needs Attention” will switch to follow the reusable phone number’s unsolicited message settings and move to the associated inboxes with that reusable phone number. 

    • If the needs attention message is in a Campaign agent’s inbox that is not also an agent in the reusable phone number’s unsolicited message settings (either personal inbox or office), then the conversation is removed from that user’s inbox and added to the agent’s inbox(es) configured in the reusable number’s unsolicited message settings.

  • Campaigns that used a Provisioned Number:

    • It is important to make sure all end-users have responded first. After the Campaign has ended, no responses will be sent to the end-user and all pending conversations will be removed from the queue. 

  • The provisioned phone number will become active and able to be used for another campaign.