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This section of the user guide focuses on creating stacked campaigns.  To help you navigate this article, we have broken it down into two sections:

What is a stacked campaign?

Campaigns can be scheduled in advance, or stacked, utilizing the same reusable phone number. 

Note: A reusable phone number cannot be used in two active campaigns at the same time. The first campaign will be archived when the second campaign is scheduled to launch.

Example: All of the campaigns in the stacked campaign example below will utilize the same reusable phone number. If the previous campaign is still active, the scheduled campaign will automatically archive the previous campaign before it launches the next campaign. 

Who has access to schedule stacked campaigns?

Anyone with the ability to create a campaign has the ability to stack campaigns. The ability to create campaigns is available to individuals with the following permissions: 

For more information on user permissions, review the User Roles & Permissions article.

How do I schedule a stacked campaign?

On the Active Campaigns page, when editing a campaign, you can select a reusable phone number already in use. 

  • When editing a campaign, in the phone number section, there is a column for usage details. In the usage details column, it will display if the phone number is in use. If the phone number is in use, there will be a link to the campaign and launch and archive details.
    If you select a phone number already in use, you have two options:
    • Launch immediately: This will immediately archive the current campaign using the reusable phone number and launch the new campaign.
    • Scheduled Launch: If, at the time of the scheduled launch, the current campaign using the reusable phone number has not already been archived, it will be archived and the new campaign will launch.
  • When using a phone number already in use, once you have either selected to launch the campaign immediately or schedule the launch in the future, you will need to confirm that you acknowledge that the current campaign using the reusable phone number will be archived before launching the new campaign.

How do I track stacked campaigns?

Scheduled campaigns can be viewed on the Phone Numbers page. 

On the row of the reusable phone number, select the schedule send icon to open the schedule modal.

On the schedule modal, each campaign that is associated with the reusable phone number will be displayed that is in an active, draft, or scheduled status. 

You can select the campaign name and it will take you to the campaign on the Active Campaigns page.