You can quickly access and insert commonly used questions and answers that don’t exist in their content library using canned responses for Live Chat. You may want to use canned responses for new chat greetings, signing off, providing contact information, or responding to frequently asked questions. 

All canned responses are visible for all offices, however, you can filter canned responses by campus, office, and/or tag. You can also use tagging to organize content by a staff member or topic area. 

Canned Responses have been added to the Suggested Content Panel on the right-hand side of the Active Conversations Dashboard. They can be easily inserted into a conversation the same way other suggested content can be and canned response suggestions are made based on the incoming message from the student / end-user. 

In addition, clients can add Canned Responses directly from within the text box. When that happens, a pop-up appears on the screen that allows the Live Chat agent to search for a specific canned response; filter based on office or tags; or go directly to their most recently used canned responses.