(NEW FEATURE) Canned Responses

Canned responses are predetermined responses to commonly asked questions. The new Canned Responses feature for LiveChat provides a dedicated place to create and manage frequently used responses as well as two ways to quickly call up and implement those responses from within an Active Live Chat conversation. 

Improved tracking around status changes

A LiveChat agent’s availability may change from “Available” to “Away”. New popup notifications will appear within the Client’s Admin Console (in the lower left hand corner of the page) to detail why an agent's status has changed.

In addition, improved conversation tracking has been implemented to track the reason a conversation with an end user has ended as well as the when LiveChat conversation has ended. This information is now logged in the LiveChat transcripts.


Enhanced message delivery status

Campaign analytics now provide the delivery status of all Campaign messages (Delivered, Pending, or Failed) and a failed reason, if applicable.


Improved Campaign timing info

Campaigns will now display both an estimated length of time to deliver all messages before the Campaign is launched, and a time until anticipated completion after the Campaign is launched. You will also see a "number of message parts" to help determine how long it will take to send a campaign. You will also be able to see the date and time the Campaign was launched.