Live Chat

(NEW) Who’s Online page

The Who’s Online page has been released, which provides an ability to see, at a glance, who is

online for any departments a client user has access to in LiveChat. This feature allows departments and

managers to more easily monitor their staff and to ensure resources are available to students when


(NEW) Ability to log off users / departments

On the new Who’s Online page, client admins now also have the ability (on that page) to log off any

users OR to log off the entire department with the click of a button. This will allow managers / admins

more control over the times that LiveChat will be supported for the departments under their purview,

while also giving them more control over their individual users.

Embed codes by office

On the Embed page in the client admin, there is now the ability to pick between campuses and offices in

order to select your embed code for the Chatbot / Ocelot Student Engagement Platform. This feature

does not provide any additional functionality today (all offices share the same embed code), but this will

enable some enhancements coming in the near future that will enable custom settings by office. Look

for more on this in the coming weeks.