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*Includes all enhancements and bug fixes released from 3/25/2024 - 4/5/2024. 

Live Assistant (Live Chat)


  • The canned responses modal now displays recently used canned responses at the top.
  • Messages in the queue now present chat buttons, such as "Keep Waiting," mirroring the options visible to the student.

Virtual Assistant (Chatbot)


  • Added default exclude keywords to the spiders wizard.
  • Added an additional “Run on subpaths only” option to allow the scraping of pages in which the start URL does not exist.

For more information on the spider enhancements, review the Spiders article.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an accessibility issue with the Virtual Assistant stemming from an HTML landmark.
  • Corrected a spell check issue that resulted in the improper autocorrect of the word “openhouse”.

Video Portal

Bug Fix

  • Resolved an error with the video "Self-Care Tips to Boost your Mental Health" when it was shared or copied from the portal.