The contact list upload feature includes a phone number validation process to ensure most phone number formatting is accepted. 

The validation process will determine that what is being imported as a contact is a valid phone number. The validation process will also ensure that different configurations are formatted into a proper phone number format. Generally, the validation process will ensure that what is being uploaded does not include text characters or any other special characters not recognized.

The contact upload validation process that occurs does not confirm whether the phone number is reachable or a viable cell phone number. It simply determines that the information uploaded is a phone number or appears to be a phone number and can be treated as such. 

The validation process can generally accept numbers uploaded with: 

  • dashes
  • periods
  • parentheses
  • no punctuation

Example of valid formats include:
  • (123) 456-7890
  • (123)456-7890
  • 123-456-7890
  • 123.456.7890
  • 1234567890


After you have created your contact list, if a phone number is not formatted correctly, you will receive a rejected contact list to review and bulk-add to your original contact list. 


Note: International numbers will successfully import into the contact list; however, the message will not send. On the Active Campaign Contacts tab, there will be a failed reason of international number.

Campaigns/1:1 texting does not currently support international texting.