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This section of the user guide is focused on FAQs related to editing and creating contact lists. To help you navigate the article we have broken it down into the following sections:

What is the maximum amount of contacts that can be added to a contact list and/or campaign?

There is no maximum. The only limitations may be any CSV cell limits, as well as what your staff can handle in terms of potential follow-up responses.

Can I reuse contact lists?

Yes. Contact lists are saved in the system for future use. If you re-use or change the contact list after cloning a campaign, be sure to Save Draft before launching; otherwise, the campaign will be sent to the previous list associated with the campaign you cloned.

Please note that before a contact list has been used in a campaign, it can be deleted.  Once a contact list has been used in a campaign, it can not be deleted.  This is because the contact list information is used in quotas.

Fore more information on nameing suggestions for contact lists, review the Texting Best Practices>Contact Lists article.

How do I add/remove contacts in an existing contact list?

To add contacts to an existing list, under Contact Management, select Contact List, choose the list you want to update, and select View.

To remove anyone from this contact list, select the trash can icon for each contact you wish to remove.

To add new contacts, select the plus sign circle in the bottom right-hand corner.

From here you have two options, 

Add by contact (plus sign circle):


Add by list (cloud up arrow):

Does the Texting platform support international texting?

The Texting platform is currently available for domestic communication only. If you are using 1:1 Texting or sending a campaign, you cannot send a text to an international number. 

For campaigns, when you are uploading a contact list and you include an international number, most of the time the phone number will not be imported into the contact list. Once the contact list has been uploaded, you will be given a CSV file of any errors. 

For more information on fixing Contact List errors, review the Creating a Campaign Contact List article. 

If the international phone number is imported into the contact list, the phone number will be reported as Failed within campaign contacts and analytics.

Can I use the text field more than once when uploading my contact list?

Campaigns users can use the text field more than once when uploading a contact list. 

When mapping a contact list, the third column is Field Type. You can select the 'Text' option. If you add an additional row you can select the 'Text' option again and as many times as needed. You will have to map the column by selecting the box beneath the header labeled 'Map To,' you will expand the box that says 'None' and then pick the correct column that matches this data.

For more information on creating a contact list, review the Creating a Campaign Contact List article.

How can I opt in a contact?

To opt-in a student (or re-opt-in a student) you will want to go to Texting > Active Campaigns, and then find the contact on the Contacts tab to manually opt-in the student.


Go to Contact Management > Contact Lists to manually opt in the student.  

Agents cannot opt-in a contact from the Inbox.

Are schools required to have students opt-in to receive texts before sending out a campaign?

Schools are not required to have students opt-in before the first campaign. 

Non-profit colleges and universities are exempt from the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and therefore do not need to be concerned about compliance with that law. However, giving your prospects and enrolled students the option to opt-out is considered a best practice. Consider including opt-out language in your very first messages, and continuing to offer opt-out opportunities throughout the year.