This article will show you how to import contacts from a Slate Saved Query to an Ocelot Contact List.

  1. In the Ocelot Admin Portal, under the Contact Management dropdown, select Contact Lists
  2. To create a contact list, in the bottom right-hand corner, select the plus button. 
  3. In the Create Contact List wizard the first step is to choose a file to upload. Select the Slate Query tab, select a list, scroll to the bottom, and select Next.
  4. On the Assign Column step, you will assign each column. Once the columns have been assigned, select Next.

    For more information on assigning columns, review the Creating Campaign Contact Lists article.

  5. On the Save step, in the List Name field give the contact list a name. In the Tags field, enter any tags you would like to associate with the contact list. Select Create Contact List.
  6. On the Finish step of the Create Contact List wizard, the page will indicate if the import was successful or if there were any errors.

Note: If you encounter errors while importing contacts, please re-review your data files.  

In many instances, records can fail due to missing or empty phone numbers on the record.

It is a good idea to query for missing phone numbers (and either adjust the integration query to ignore them OR find them and update them before expecting to import them).

Records can be problematic when there are multiple values in the first name field, or if international phone numbers are used, or if there are other missing/empty fields.