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Ocelot posts interactions into Slate profiles which can be used to build a contact list to send out a campaign to contact those users. 

The article has been broken down into three sections:

Configuring the Slate Query

In Slate, make sure the query has the following fields under the Export section:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile 
  • Interactions by code* 
  • Interaction Private Comments*
    *need to be configured

Interactions by code

The Interactions by code field needs to be configured by selecting the interaction code that you want to pull for your query.

The options are the following:

  • IDK Contact Form
  • Inquiry Contact Form
  • Live Chat
  • SMS Message

Interactions Private Comments

The Interactions by Private Comments will pull in the transcript from the associated code. By pulling this field into your export, you can have the information available in the campaign that you are going to send out. 

  • The Interaction Code field should be set to Chatbot Interaction.
  • We recommend the First/Most Recent field should be set to Most Recent. You may also set a date range if applicable.

Under the Filter section, insert the Interaction by Code, Comments, and Date fields. 

Select the Codes that you want to filter your export by. (I.e., if you want only to pull profiles that have completed the inquiry form, select the Inquiry Contact Form interaction code,)

Verify the query has permission to OcelotAPI.

  1. On the Edit Grantee dialog page, the Name, Token, and Permissions fields will appear.
    1. In the Name field, enter OcelotAPI.
    2. In the Permissions field, select the Web Service box.
    3. Select Save

  2. On the Edit Query page, in the Web Service field, select JSON.

Creating a Contact List in the Ocelot Admin

To import the query as a contact list in th Ocelot Admin Portal, review the Step 6 - Set up Ocelot/Slate Integration: Importing Contacts from Slate article.

Creating a Campaign in the Ocelot Admin

Once the contact list has been created it can be used in the creation of a campaign. 

For information on how to create a campaign, review the Creating a Campaign article.