Export all Contact List fields

Contact list export behavior is now consistent across the texting product. In the past, some pages required that you select the data fields to be exported upon clicking the export button, but now all columns visible in the Ocelot Admin are exported when the export button is selected. 

This includes the following pages in the client admin:

  • Contact Management>Contact Lists>View

  • Texting>Active Campaigns>View>Contacts

  • Texting>Archived Campaigns>View>Contacts

Creating new 1:1 Text using a bot-backed reusable phone number should display in the Texting agent's inbox but still be bot-backed

When using a reusable phone number that is bot-backed for a 1:1 Text, but also has one or more agents or offices in the Unsolicited Message Settings>Unsolicited message Inbox(es) settings, the original message displays in the inbox and transcripts as sent by the agent, but the conversation is immediately converted to bot-backed and the bot will respond to any student messages until the agent manually switches it back to agent-backed.