Texting (Campaigns)

1:1 Transcript Conversation Details Includes Reusable “From” Phone Number

1:1 transcript conversation details now include the Reusable “From” Phone number so the agent reading the transcript has context with which reusable phone number the transcript is associated.

Indication in Inbox Conversation if a message was associated with a Campaign or 1:1 text

A new icon is displayed in the inbox (both in the preview panel and the conversation) to indicate if the interaction/message was associated with a Campaign or a 1:1 text. These are the same icons and tooltips used in 1:1 Transcripts. Hovering over the icons displays a tooltip. The tooltip for a 1:1 interaction is “1:1 Text”. The tooltip for a Campaign interaction is “[Name of Campaign] Campaign”. The icon that displays in the preview panel (left pane) is based on the most recent interaction.